“Trails to Hike in New Mexico,” by Rachel Hachero

New Mexico hosts numerous examples of Native American culture and artistic attractions such as the Crosby Theater at the Santa Fe Opera, but it also sports some of the world’s finest hiking trails for those of all experience levels. The Big Tubes, for example, winds through a forest populated by aspen, juniper, and ponderosa pines. The trail leads to and wraps around two collapsed lava tubes, caves formed as lava flows beneath the surface.

The Big Tubes trail is rougher, but passable for inexperienced hikers. If you desire an easier walk, try Black Canyon Trail. The short trail meanders through a forest of aspen trees overgrown with several varieties of wildflowers, making it an ideal route for children and families.

Another easy hike is Cedro Peak, a flock of trails near Albuquerque that also accommodates mountain bike riders. If you make your way to Albuquerque, you should also make time for nearby Cienega Loop, a trail that unfurls by a stream and passes a waterfall.

About the Author:

A traveler and athlete, Rachel Hachero hiked through New Mexico during the summer of 2009. Back at home, she participates in track and cross-country.


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