The Magic and Majesty of Disney’s Princess Half Marathon Weekend

By Rachel Hachero

Running, an inherently exhausting activity, is more bearable when you can sprint and jog through surroundings that motivate, awe, and inspire. If a weekend surrounded by likeminded runners and magical sights interests you, lace up and start training for Disney’s Princess Half Marathon Weekend.

A 3.1 mile stretch that winds through the Magic Kingdom and Epcot theme parks, the marathon calls to women eager for an event that tests their discipline. The next event, scheduled for February 14, 2013, kicks off at 5:35 a.m. and offers transportation to and from the race from most nearby resorts. During the race, Disney features on-course entertainment that keeps runners eager to push forward and see what comes next. And, of course, the race takes place in the middle of the sights and sounds of the happiest place on earth, which makes for plenty of entertainment in itself.

At the end of the race, contestants enter a reunion site where they meet up with friends, family, and other runners to talk about the event before setting off to enjoy the rest of their weekend.

About the Author:

A student athlete who took third place at the MUN Harvard Conference, Rachel Hachero has run Disney’s Princess Half Marathon Weekend as well as other races including the Miami Half Marathon.


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